We like children, honest!

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When we tell people that we don't cater for children, that we offer holidays for adults only, the reaction is often one of shock and even horror! "Don't you like children?", is the usual verbal response.

The fact is, there are thousands upon thousands of holiday providers out there who do cater for families, many of which are more suitably located to keep the younger ones occupied. We wanted to be different. We wanted to offer something special. We knew there were people like us out there, for example, those with grown up children, who felt they had 'done' the children thing, who had spent a major part of their lives putting the kids first in terms of choice of holiday location, and now felt it was time to spend some 'grown-up' quality time together. There are people who don't like children, just as there are those who spend their working life dealing with other people's children, but whatever your circumstances, everyone deserves and indeed, needs a little pampering from time to time.

The service we provide is built on the service we expect. We provide a little sanctuary from all the stresses of modern living. Somewhere to go for some well-deserved 'me-time'. A place to be close to nature - the countryside is said to be good for the soul. We focus on making your holiday special, by doing this one thing well rather than trying to cater for everybody. For us, it is quality rather than quantity that's important.

So, yes we do like children, but we have the grown-ups' interests at heart - someone's got to look after you!